Environment, NaPoWriMo 2018

NaPoWriMo 2018- An Earth Day Poem

A robin perches on the murky evergreen bushes of the neighbor’s house

Gazing out upon the sun dappled lawn before it

Dandelions sprout from the grass in bright cadmium yellow bursts

Flashing like warning colors on a buzzing bee

Harmless to most, though many still fear their sting

As if a sunny patch of yellow somehow mars their lawn

As if a bit of color amidst a sea of sameness were somehow shameful

Why should we not love the variety nature fights for?

Why must we douse the undesired in toxins meant to kill

That last remaining bastion of a “weed,” nature’s last standing soldier

In a losing battle against a mono-crop filled land

We fill our gardens with daffodils and chrysanthemums

Lilies, dahlias, roses and sunflowers

We fill out flower beds with sunlight rays of

Blossoming color, but lawns must stay green

An ever present reminder of our “mastery” over a land

That will one day leave us forgotten, abandoned

To our own folly in an unfertile waste

Where the grasses no longer produce their grains

And the dandelions spread their roots

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