NaPoWriMo 2018, World-building

NaPoWriMo 2018- Aurorna- A Fictional/ Fantasy Poem


I often use poetry as a creative exercise to develop more in depth characters within my fictional and fantasy worlds. Sometimes this poetry makes it into the story itself, sometimes it reflects narratives I will write later, or have already written, but most often it just serves to help me understand my character better, the way they think, and the emotions they feel at key moments. This one was written about a character Aurorna who is worshiped as a moon deity by many of the cultures I write about in various stories.


Black bird with two heads,

Red spot of blood on the wing

Pine forests twisted and grotesque

Hunting hounds haunting the boughs

Bodies bony and bloated, baying

in the night, moon lit eye,

spying on the land

Crying from the sky

Whispers in the leaves

Grey skinned bodies rolling

Rhythmic with glee

Come they say, run away with us

Come they say, run away…


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