dark, eerie, foggy path
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Words of Warning- A Poem


everything runs in reverse.

Don’t fall off the cliff

Wasn’t I here before?

Hands gripping the steering wheel

Metal screaming in warped twisted wails

A moment’s decision to take

The span of a heart beat before you decide

Don’t fall off the cliff

Warning words spill from

Untrained lips, so serene

Don’t turn left

Why is it only in dreams that I see?

Only in my head that I hear?

Don’t turn left

Thoughts and images fill my mind,

Things that shouldn’t be there

But I’m not the only one who sees them

What the hell was that?

A voice whispers in my mind,

Whispers before the drop off

Whispers before the ledge

A warning of what’s ahead

Don’t fall off the cliff

Wooden mask, crouching child

Stalking prey, and the

face is not a mask

Did you see that?

It ungulates across the road

Inky body lurching in sickly shapes

You saw it too?

He stops at the light

A flash of green, and his

Foot begins to lift from the break


A truck blazes through the red light

He’s learned to listen

Don’t turn left

I can’t help but wonder,

Did she heed these

Words of Warning?

…Will I?

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