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Not an Enemy but an Ally- A Poem

Someone close once said to me…


“In every life memory, there are mistakes…

pains, regrets, and anger.


Things that tear into the heart,

corrupt the soul, and darken the energy.


The only way to be free of this oppression,

is to leave these things in the past,

and leave the past as it should be… behind you.


Not to be forgotten, nor watched like an enemy,

wary for the cold knife of cowardice, but as an ally,


a trusted friend who you know, you are safer

with them at your back. That through them,


you are stronger, better from the experiences

you’ve shared together.”


So someone close to me once said…

3 thoughts on “Not an Enemy but an Ally- A Poem”

  1. This is such a beautiful thought; beautifully written…
    I simply love the style of the poem
    Looking forward to reading more from you, Tynan! ❤


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