Poetry & Flash Fiction, World-building

To My Brother Cain- A fictional poem

The poem below is written from the perspective of a fictional character for the purpose of worldbuilding in a larger story. I often write poetry to practice perspective taking with my characters, and to help build my understanding of their personalities, inner thoughts, and struggles.

To My Brother Cain

You say you wish things could go

Back to the way they once before

To see us brother’s again

Working to protect one another

Against the cruel hands of fate

You look to me, hoping, waiting

For me to take that first step

Wanting me to find the way

To make us who we were before

But how can I bridge the gap

That has grown between us

When I cannot reach you

On the other side?

Should I take a blind leap

Of faith across that vast chasm

Never knowing whether I will

Reach the other side, or plunge

Into the darkened core of

the earth below, swallowed up

by unforgiving soil, toiling

beneath the soles of those

who still walk above, unaware

of the world beneath them

the decay that makes their

crops grow, and puts food

upon their tongues, but you

and I know, how those walls

we threw up blocked the

grasping hands from touching

the last sane parts of our minds

but we built them too high

so now the light has all gone out

and we can no longer see

our way out of this deep ravine

I know you are drowning brother,

For I am drowning here beside you,

But we do not have to stay here

Clinging desperately to one another

Only to drag the other back down again

I think I would take that leap if

you would let me, if I dove

into that darkened sea

would you trust me when I

tell you, that if you just let go

and reach your hand back up

you could grasp that wall above

you, and slowly start to climb.

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