Castle hall with large windows
Poetry & Flash Fiction

Meeting the Queen- Flashfiction

Raego followed cautiously after the guard that would lead her to the Queen, ever careful to stay out of sight. Her hands trembled as she slowly drew closer, the massive double doors soon coming into sight. Her palms were slick with a fresh layer of sweat as the voices reverberating off the inside of her skull grew ever louder. Bits so rumor and fearful whispers flitted through her mind, echoes of the long years this family had known power. She tried to blot out the images those tales of horror summoned, her fists clenching tight around the blade in her pocket. She slipped between the double doors before they could close, sealing away her last chance at redemption. Before her the white stone hall stretched long and empty, the guard was suddenly gone. At the far end of the hall stood a lone figure, her long white hair pulled back into an elegant braid, her eyes gazing longingly through the tall window. She turned towards Raego with a questioning, though not surprised expression, but it was not the expectant gaze that froze Raego in her tracks. For a moment as she gazed into the agonized eyes of the Queen, she glimpsed herself in their crimson depths.

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