Poetry & Flash Fiction, World-building

An Alpha to Match Mine- Flashfiction

Nox and Theo stood by one another for years, fighting side-by-side to provide for and protect their friends and family. When their aggression was directed at their enemies, they were the perfect alpha pair, but when it was directed at each other, entire cities would fall before either would back down. Some day soon, they would… Continue reading An Alpha to Match Mine- Flashfiction

Aurora lights in the sky
Poetry & Flash Fiction

The World Through Another’s Eyes- Flash Fiction

Everyone thought Amel was either stupid or insane. She would spend long hours watching nothing and giggle at voices that weren't there. What they didn't realize was that she understood the world far better than they did themselves. She could see the energy of the world all around her, hear its whispered voice. The energy… Continue reading The World Through Another’s Eyes- Flash Fiction

Castle hall with large windows
Poetry & Flash Fiction

Meeting the Queen- Flashfiction

Raego followed cautiously after the guard that would lead her to the Queen, ever careful to stay out of sight. Her hands trembled as she slowly drew closer, the massive double doors soon coming into sight. Her palms were slick with a fresh layer of sweat as the voices reverberating off the inside of her… Continue reading Meeting the Queen- Flashfiction

paper lanturn, festival lights
Poetry & Flash Fiction

The Sleeping City Awakes- Flash fiction

528 days out of the year the city was dead quiet, but for 9 days only, the inhabitants of the nation would swarm into the empty city for a festival of revelry, celebration, and abandonment. Music played throughout the nights, dancers whipped themselves into a fever pitch as their bodies matched the rhythm that their… Continue reading The Sleeping City Awakes- Flash fiction